omg the best song thus far, drunk in love. i know i may sound late but who ever knew beyonce could rap and actually sound good. i also love her song partition. but one thing to pop out beyonce……..don’t go around dressed like a stripper. remember…….YOU HAVE A FUCKING HUSBAND!” like people please when you are married act like it. at her grammy award performance she had her legs wide open do you know what kind of example she’s giving to young married woman…………..exactly.
i love this song but i don’t really love the ppl singing/rapping to it. if you don’t know what i mean look it up, they are with illuminati. and i’m christian……….. hey don’t judge almost every young 14 year old christian person cuss every once in a while. i just try to prevent myself from doing so 😉


upcoming pop star

upcoming pop star

the most gorgeous girl in the world is being announced the brand new pop star princess. she has an amazing voice that can go really high (totally jealous) and has a great petite figure. but there are haters……it was said at the grammies that Ariana grande went onto twitter and found mean and rude comments about her hairstyle. she was in tears. (poor thing 😦 ) but anyway she is not on twitter anymore (thank god) she is now using insta. much more. tell me what you think about their rude ways, and also tell me what you think about this beautiful girl 😉

taylor makes money off of her exs

taylor makes money off of her exs

taylor is a very beautiful girl but dose she always have to make herself look so stupid by actually talking about how shes never getting back together with some jerk who was nice at 1st then started to act all shity nah she should put it in her diary and keep it locked up not make money off of her. if i was her exs i would get some of that money cuz she made the money off of me but of course i guess we cant do that OH WELL

is she the whore?

is she the whore?

comment below and tell me is miley turning into a whore or a wanna be whore is she going to change or what do you think she will die at a early age? comment as much as you want what do think of miley’s new behavior now.
also to my lovely fans tell me about what i should i post about which star should i talk junk about or talk good about let meh know have fun 🙂

guess what show is back?

guess what show is back?

GUESS WHOS BACK? U GUESSED RIGHT (i think) THE VOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG i am so glad that they are back and they have new contestants some hotter than the others i’m guessing reply below and tell which contestant do you want me to talk about or which judge do you want me to talk about. also comment about who you think would be this season’s next voice person!!!!!!!!!!

better than the rest

better than the rest

the person that i think has been holding herself together is Demi Lovato. because instead of making music videos running around half naked she instead decided to make a ‘bullying stinks’ program since she experienced before. she also mainly makes love songs or either songs about staying yourself. here is the link below if you would like to view the video. 😀


here is another video about tho video
and go to the video that say MEANAMORPHOSIS